The Dobblers Inn




The Dobblers Quiz Night.


*The Dobblers Quiz Night is every Tuesday at 9pm.
*Teams can have no more than six players.
*It costs £1 per person to enter.
*Rounds can include anything from current affairs, sport, general knowledge,
music, quiz fortunes and stick or twist.
*The winning team win a free round of drinks from the bar.
*At the end of every quiz there is a jackpot question.
*The outright winner of the jackpot question wins a cash prize.
*If no one wins the jackpot question the cash prize rolls over to the following week.
Come and join us for one of the longest running, most established quiz nights in Cambridge.
Arrive early to get your seat then sit back and let the grey matter loose!
A fun night for brains of all abilities.

Coming up in the next 7 days....

Today 18/8

Live Sport:

 Cardiff vs Newcastle (12:30pm)
English Premier League
 Chelsea vs Arsenal (5:30pm)
English Premier League

Tomorrow 19/8

Live Sport:

 Man City vs Huddersfield (1:30pm)
English Premier League
 Brighton vs Man Utd (4pm)
English Premier League

Monday 20/8

Live Sport:

 C Palace vs Liverpool (8pm)
English Premier League

Tuesday 21/8

Live Sport:

 Swansea vs Leeds (7:45pm)
English Championship


Quiz Night 9PM

Wednesday 22/8

Live Sport:

Crib League & Darts League
 England vs India 3rd Test (11am)
Test Matches
 Aston Villa vs Brentford (7:45pm)
English Championship

next Thursday 23/8

Live Sport:

Pool League

next Friday 24/8

Live Sport:

 Middlesbrough vs West Brom (7:45pm)
English Championship